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EPSA  - High Quality Soft Drinks 

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Leaving Agria of Volos and heading to Lehonia Pelion, someone will notice at the right side of the road a beautiful traditional Pelion, hostel-like complex . Except that it's about the Ice Store Company Agria, our well-known EPSA. Born in 1924 by the brothers Kosmadopoulous, who threw on the table the idea to create a factory that will produce juices and beverages. Thus started the frist upgrade of the factory , which originally started its action by manufacturing ice and operating coolers for the maintenance of fruits in the region. Meanwhile, the German engineer Otto created the recipe for lemonade EPSA, which, as stated in the site of the company, still remains a secret . In 1936 the owner became the National Bank, and in 1969 the company passed on to the brothers Moskachlaidi and Nick Tsaoutou, the current owners of the company.

In 2011 stevia is allowed to be used in the European Union and in 2012 EPSA SA becomes the first to use it in Greece. EPSA with dynamism and innovation, progresses introducing a new product line. The EPSA growth rate recorded in 2012 is close to 30% and sales in the same year reached 11.5 million Euro. The company interests of the family Tsaoutou, put in the Greek market the first organic soft drinks and the first line of beverages with stevia.

The President of the ISA, Hugues Pitre, commented: "We are pleased with the commitment of companies to provide for consumers a greater range of products with sweet flavor and few calories. Consumers are becoming more conscious regarding to their diet and they are looking for more variety on the shelves. This vatiety will continue to widen in order to provide even more options for every occasion and lifestyle. The introduction of stevia on the market 'has sparked'a new wave of innovation and we expect that this will continue to expand in the industry. "

Stevia, when consumed as part of a balanced and healthy diet, can emerge as an effective weight control and oral hugiene tool. The few-caloric sweeteners do not affect the levels of insulin and blood sugar, so even people with diabetes can enjoy food and drink with a sweet taste and they can also be consumed by pregnant women.

Additional data presented at the Congress of the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) in April 2014, by Professor Adam Drewnowski, revealed that people who use sweeteners of low or no calories also tend to follow a more healthy, balanced diet and they are more physically active.

The International Sweeteners Association believes that sweeteners of low or no calories play an important role in shaping and maintaining a balanced diet.
Choosing low calories sweeteners provides the sweet taste, but without the calories. This can contribute to a healthy, controlled diet, while is not affecting the health of teeth.