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2015 News & Events
Xinomavro the title "Greek Nebbiolo"


 Xinomavro - Its name comes from the words “xino” which means “sour” and “mavro” which means “black”, although in practice, the skins of the berries are not particularly rich in pigments. However xinomavro surprise us with its performance and versatile character, offering a «vin de garde» red, strongly rose , aromatic sparkling. Xinomayro is a cosmopolitan but difficult variety. In order to reveal its gradeur ideal conditions are needed. This seems to have realized the producers of Macedonia, and not only those, presenting wines with a strong performance in various wine tastings abroad.

 In the case of red wine, a long aging process manages to tame its character and gives us the plush distinct wines for which xinomavro is universally famous and indissolubly interwoven with specific origin, such as xinomavro-Naoussa, xinomavro-Amynteo etc.Testy" and demanding grape, xinomavro needs suitable terroir, increased cultivation care, low yields and suitable weather conditions to unfold its grandeur. Only then, evokes the great variety of Piedmont Nebbiolo. The similarities with this blend do not stop here. The ruby color, the magical bouquet comprised from violets to olive paste and tomato to tobacco and currants, the highleveled, full acidity mouth and fierce tannins, fairly have given to Xinomavro the title "Greek Nebbiolo". 

The small berries, the overripe grape-harvest, the extractions before fermentation and the right use of the barrels have grafted the new generation of wines with enough color, plenty of fruit sweetness which are elements that removed or equilibrated much of their aggressiveness, filling the thole of taste that left exposed acidity and tannins. In addition, they have enriched the previously one-dimensional formalism of tomato and spices we meet in traditional Naoussa with notes of noble flowers, fresh fruit, olive pulp and aromatic herbs . Meat rich in protein(such as lamb, goat or undercooked beef) will take to restore the oral balance. As for the more mature bottles, being more easygoing, will ensure perfect harmonies alongside dishes containing cooked tomatoes, pasta with mushrooms or meat, meat cooked with olives and recipes containing eggplants. Many producers of Naoussa choose its blending with milder varieties, including some foreign (Merlot) or Greek.