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Company Profile

Gaia4life is a company which specializes in the promotion and support of wine production in Greece. It was established in December 2008 by Mr. Manis (who has long hand a successful career as a wine tradesman in many important companies) and is also founder of SyStasi Wines company.GREECE_MAP
Gaia4life is a company specializing in the sales and marketing of wine and other Greek products in the global market. It offers services including trade, distribution and sales to various producers such as Estate Maggel Koromilia Kastoria, Winner of St. Logothetis Evia, Estate Foundi Naoussa Imathias, Estate Karanika Amyntaio Florina, Zoinos SA Zitsa Ioannina, Anatolikos vineyards Avdira Xanthi. Gaia4life is now expanding its services in other domains of activity. It's latest additions have been the Life Goddess company in Thessaloniki and EPSA SA in Volos. The former being an premium extra virgin olive oil production company and the latter is a “BIO” soft drinks one.
Having gained the necessary experience from HO.RE.CA. in promotion and distribution, Gaia4life has acquired expertise in the Greek market with SyStasi Wines.
Gaia4life provides its partners with various services namely consulting in sales, marketing strategies, market analysis as well as promotional communications, aiming at increasing companies sales and reinforcing their position in the global market.



The philosophy of Gaia4life is based on the principle that the use of specialized services creates a competitive advantage for the enterprises that use them at a lower cost. Making the most of the Greek products, our company can have an immense impact on the global market through small collaborations.